10 OF 2012: EVE DAWOUD


I don’t Dj in any sense of the word so these are tunes that I just kept coming back to over year rather than anything that might come together in a cohesive mix.

I endeavoured to include producers whose work I heard for the first time in 2012 as the thrill of discovery is key to anyone’s love of music. Nonetheless my list is a 50/50 split between new artists and stalwarts of dance music, both camps absolutely kill it on these tracks.

Andrés – New for U

When I first heard this I thought it was a repressing of an old classic I’d known my whole life. Absolutely timeless.

Seeing Dez at Fabric (rocking a gold DILLA chain nonetheless) confirmed my love for this masterful producer whom I had admired from his Slum Village/Dilla days.

Octo Octa – Deep Hurt

I discovered this on a mix from the 100% Silk label in deepest, darkest January whilst wandering around Margate and have loved it ever since. It is deep, dark and totally emo.

Blondes – Water (Bicep Mix)

This tune turned me on to Bicep and Blondes early in 2012, producers I went on to appreciated throughout the year.

Wbeeza – Peckham Fly

I’m loving Wbeeza and though I have plumped for the A-side of this release flip it over and Billy Green is Ded is fire too

Ossie – Love Crazy


Omar S Feat LRenee – SEX (CGP (Conant Gardens Posse Remix)

A confirmed favourite amongst the Flight Rhythm crew but I had to include this in my list too as it takes me back to his set at Corsica Studios in October; one of my favourite nights of the year.

Theo Parrish – Black Mist


John Heckle – Fly City

This originally featured on Heckle’s Second Son album last year but saw a re-release on an EP in July allowing me to rank Heckle’s dreamy and hypnotic techno on here so I’m not complaining.

To be truly blown away click through to the man’s Boiler Room performance:

DJ Qu – Movements

Qu dropped on his guest mix for Jon Rust’s No Boring Intro’s show on NTS radio (my first port of call for good tunes and Saturday night vibes) and I was drawn in by its deep melody.

Artful Dodger – Please Don’t Turn Me On (Disclosure Bootleg)

I had to include some Disclosure. Love those boys and I’m so happy about their success this year. Their garage sound just makes me smile.

Wishing everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. I’m already looking forward to all the good times on the dance floor 2013 will bring.



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