10 of 2012: Joel Kane


I’m a better DJ than a writer (but that’s not saying very much at all)…

At One feat. Wyoma – African Healing Dance

Amazing track, as deep as they come. Featured near the beginning of a lot of my sets this year  as it really sets the tone and gives people something to think about.  Beautiful message.

Burnski and MANIK – You Know What Its Like (Gerd’s Deep Voyage)

POW! Burnski and Gerd! Never failed to go off, production is so tight and funky. By the time the chords come in peoples are rollin’…

Lukatron – VGA

Ellum Audio was also one of my favourite labels this year. I could have picked any of their tunes, their production levels are some of the highest in House/Techno. This one’s got that dark funk.

Ride – Special Request #3

Breakbeats/ Reeces/ Rave Stabs/ Lana Del Rey talking about gangsters…Thistuneisme! Haven’t been able to play it out yet but I will, trust.

Jesse Perez – Hialeah House Party

Basslines and Porn, what more do you want? Jesse Perez has been one of my favourite Producers this year; every single one of his tracks destroys the floor! It was tough to pick between this, ‘Miami’s my Town’ and ‘Jesse Don’t Sport No Jerry Curl’,  but seeing as the others have been rinsed this is the one… not sure about the video though!

Omar S Feat LRenee – SEX (CGP (Conant Gardens Posse Remix)

Who doesn’t like it?

Mark Henning – Trojan

Probably my tune of the year.  Hard hitting house that was a breath of fresh air among all the “bow bow bow b-b-b-bow” deep house tunes. DEVASTATING.

Fantastic Man – How Bout It?

Madder than a box of frogs and i believe he’s French as well, this was one of the best bits of vinyl i bought all year…there’s nothing else like it, really innovative.

Kim Ann Foxman – Return It (Steffi ND Likes Acid vox mix)

Incredible release, every tune is wicked but Steffi’s takes it. No more excuses in 2013.

Kyle Hall & Kero – Zug Island

Fucking Weird.

Album of the Year: Lone – Galaxy Garden

lone galaxy garden

Sorry but I just had to give this a mention.  From the car to the tent this was the album that got played more than any other, an amazing piece of work that should go down as a classic. Filled with rave’s innocence… chords and colours fly at you from every angle, one listen and you’ll be back at the festival sat on the grass, beer in hand, looking at the lights…



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