10 of 2012: Micheal Mara


Whether is was dancing on a beach with the sun coming up or freezing my ass off in a cold damp warehouse these 10 tracks hold some of the best memories for me over the course of 2012. Not all the tracks were made this year but digging through and finding older tracks, which were fresh to my ears, was just as exciting. Next stop 2013 and long live the house revolution, and who knows maybe next year you’ll be hearing some of my own!

Jay Shepheard – Fuzzy Border [Electric Minds]

Frank Booker – The Sun [Sleazy Beats Black Ops]

Jason Grove – Feelin´Right [Wax Classic]

Mark E – RnB Drunkie [Golf Channel]


Nick Beringer – Show Me [Wax Classic]

Oxia – Flying Over Time [Infinite Music]

Omar S and Ob Ignitt – Wayne County Hill Cop’s (Omar S Mix) [FXHE]

Staffan Lindberg – Art Of The State [Dolly Dubs]

Session Victim – Zoinks [Delusions Of Grandeur]

Breach and Midland – 101 [Naked Naked]



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