What do you think the role of the DJ is currently? A major DJ recently wrote how one fan critiqued her set as boring because there was “no crowd interaction”. What do you think people should expect from a DJ?

DJ’s can do what ever they want. There are millions of them and the numbers are constantly growing. There are ones who play what they like and people love it and then there are ones who play what is trendy to market them selves and make money and there are ones who genuinely care about the people and feel out t he crowd. This is a chance to help people reach their full potential. Inspire them. Move them. Tell them a story. A squirrel saw a bat flying through the woods and said “I want to do that.” of coarse he couldn’t up and grow wings and be just like the bat so he did it his way. He stretched his skin, lengthened his reach and took the leap of faith. At that moment he became the flying squirrel and stood out amongst his kind with a gift all things wish they could do. Fly.


Before their performance at You Are We this Saturday I got a chance to Interview Derrick Boyd of TONE of ARK to ask him a couple of questions about his influences & what people should expect from his live show. Check it out over at The Ransom Note

INTERVIEW LINK HERE: http://www.theransomnote.co.uk/Tone-of-Arc-Talk/


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