*FREE MIX* Day Zero Mixed by Damian Lazarus

In anticipation of the end of the world (or the beginning of a new cycle), Damian Lazarus has released Day Zero – Sound of the Mayan Spirit, free to download for a limited time.

Featuring a deep selection of 13 exclusive tracks by “Mathew Jonson, Fur Coat, Shaun Reeves & Thugfucker, Jay Haze and many more”, all of the tracks have a spiritual vibe  that gives a great idea of what will be going down in Mexico at their 24-hour event on the night of December 21st;

December 21, 2012 – Day Zero – was believed by the Mayans to signal the end of the life cycle. Not the apocalyspe, but rather, in Lazarus’s words, “the beginning of a new chapter.”

For more information go to dayzerofestival.com.

01. Pier Bucci – Mayas
02. Quenum – The Prophecy
03. Mathew Jonson- In Seach of a New Planet with Oxygen
04. Metrika – Jeel, k’eex
05. Francesca Lombardo – Cosmic Dancer
06. Fur Coat – Greed, Insanity
07. Fosky & BOg – Chestionabil
08. Jay Haze -2012
09. Eduardo Castillo – Ahometa Kuyaxi
10. Navid Izadi ft. KMLN – Kurandero
11. Mike Shannon – Sunrise
12. Thugfucker & Shaun Reeves – Timewave Zero
13. Acid Pauli & Nu – 12


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