The digital-only imprint Audio Parallax have recently moved  into vinyl distribution, reintroducing one of their tracks from 2011, Andras Fox’s Your Life, supported by a host of new material from the young Melbourne based producer.

 Originally issued as a digital release back in 2011, Your Life is a warm piece of summertime house that bounces along on a catchy sample hook that (alongside the expansive reverb soaked pads) evoke some of the more thoughtful French House of artists like Akufen, St. Etienne & Luomo. The MPC sample hook holds the groove while the steady addition of new elements like disco string stabs and a simple Spanish guitar riff  keep your wandering attention firmly fixed. Although all three of the referenced artists are often used as comparisons in reviews similar to this (due to their originality & uniqueness), I can assure you that Fox is clearly talented and has valiantly earned the association.  His tracks breathe a simple musicality that makes them catch your attention immediately and stick with you; you may not remember the details or specific nuances of the track but the warmth of feeling it creates will certainly stick with you next time you’re scrolling youtube on a Sunday morning.

Big Blue begins with a smooth dialogue sample (sitting surprisingly comfortably despite the juxtaposition) over a National Geographic whalesong sample before slowly lurching into the loose, vaccuum boogie-esque unsyncopated rhythm that gently envelops the listener (both samples permeating and flavoring the rest of the track).  Where Your Life succeeds in evoking a summer’s day, Big Blue is a certified underwater groove that perfectly sets the tone to: Chill.  The final track of the EP (the wonderfully titled Magpie Echoes continues the chill-bender as a nice organic birdsong sampling jam that would not be out of place on a ~scape compilation from 10 years ago.

The collection of tracks together make for an excellent and well thought-out EP release, shining a light on an emerging new talent that deserves all of the attention he will surely begin to receive.

The Ep was released last Monday in a limited pressing of 300.

Thomas Mitchell


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