REVIEW: Librah – 2BWU (In Love Mix) / (Deep Devoshun Mix)


The first release from Parkway Records’ new offshoot PARKWEST is Librah’s 2BWU, a timeless piece of deeper than deep house that manages to sound like a lost underground classic whilst maintaining modern groove elements that will fit it comfortably into 2012.  Lush, dreamy pads and shimmering hi-hats recall the best memories of NY/NJ house’s deep sound while the vocal sample sits so comfortably that you feel like you’ve danced to it 1000 times before.

“In a market awash with ‘cookie cutter’ deep records, Parkwest aims to bring you house music with soul AND substance, fresh, but with no sell by date. In other words, records to cherish.”

Though this release is by no means pushing the envelope, it nostalgically evokes the deep, soulful underground sounds of heroes of house like Kerri Chandler, Rick Wade and Schatrax that has been so inspirational within the current scene.  In fact the whole release looks so perfectly nostalgic that you half expect the release date to be around 1994, while the EP artwork and layout (Librah’s in Love Mix on the A & Deep Devoshun Mix on the B) does little to detract from the effect.  While the A-side’s raw garage shuffle keeps it rooted to the dancefloor, the Deep Devoshun Mix on the flip takes the original element’s deeper, sitting in the background to stage a Ayers-esque vibraphone improv that floats over the groove.  Out on limited release this week, both tracks will sit comfortably in your crate alongside the rest of your house classics.

Parkway Records are contactable through Juswax.

Thomas Mitchell


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